A new voice to speak out loud about Sargassum Seaweed

The mundial phenomena of Sargassum Seaweed invasion is drawing more and more attention from the population. A new voice to talk about the matter to the world is the one of Brian Shields in his very interesting podcast named Earth QC, about occuring natural events such as Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Wildfires, and Meteors.

We definitely liked the idea of Brian Shields – also known as Mr Weatherman on wftv9 – to help the people follow the journey of the algae and show evidences of the damages all along the coast of the Caribbean. He does the job perfectly and we can definitely tell about his great experience by the passion he puts in his podcast.

Here is his video report :

Mr. Weatherman ( Brian Shields )

We have been meeting each other and decided to start a new collaboration in order to help you all be updated about the reach of sargassum arrivals. This matter will be one of the biggest challenges to face, regarding the results of the world pollution. We think, as Brian Shields do, that it is necessary to keep you posted.

The total mass of the sargassum seaweed is said to rise at a rate of at least 10% per year. In the sea, this species of seaweed would already represents at his highest spike of the year more than 20 millions of tons. We are speaking of a growth of more than 2 millions tons per year, and this amounts are definitely coming to our shores!

You can visit his channel right here EarthQC

We would like to thank Brian Shields for its involvement in the sargassum seaweed situation and we wish him the best of luck and success on his new journey as an independent meteorologist.

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