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Immerse yourself in nature’s wrath with our interactive map.

Explore these once idyllic tropical paradises, now overrun by the inexorable tide of sargassum. Once pristine sandy beaches are regularly overrun by this nightmarish brown algae. Our map plunges you into the heart of this environmental catastrophe, making you feel the urgency of the situation. Browse breathtaking photos of sargassum-infested beaches, silent witnesses to the imminent destruction of fragile marine ecosystems. Join us in the fight to preserve our beaches and oceans by exploring these destinations through our interactive map.

Hurry up, it’s time for action !

Given the scale of the phenomenon, we need everyone’s help. To help governments and researchers find and implement effective solutions quickly, the official arrivals map must be constantly updated.
Your participation is essential, so please share your images on Sargassum Monitoring’s social networks !


The importance of sharing your experience with photos on Sargassum monitoring:

First, the photos of sargassum seaweed will help you and the community to chose your best vacation destination !
Your photos are also so useful for the people dealing with this matter:

  • Because they allow us to identify which of the 60+ models in the sargassum family, are these sargassum.
  • It makes it clear where the affected areas are.
  • We can estimate the quantity of sargassum that has washed ashore.
  • We are able to calculate the direction and time it takes them to move.
  • It helps to define the recurrence of arrivals, etc…
  • It makes it easier to assess the damage caused to marine flora and fauna.
  • It shows the effectiveness of the resources deployed.

Whether there are few or a lot of algae, take photos/videos of the sargassum on the beach and share them on our social media.

WARNING : The dates are in the format: Month/Day/Year

WARNING : Maps and data are the property of Sargassum Monitoring®. It is strictly forbidden to copy, download or integrate them under penalty of criminal prosecution.

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