Sargassum-Free Hotels Map

Welcome to our new Sargassum-Free* Hotels** Map. This map is your ideal companion in the quest for dream destinations where the beaches are always pristine, and the waters crystal clear, without the inconveniences of sargassum.

Let us guide you to unforgettable beach getaways by highlighting tourist accomodations that are in unaffected areas or have made environmental preservation and traveler satisfaction their top priority. Our “Sargassum-Free Hotels Map” brings together these rare gems that have taken exceptional measures to ensure immaculate beaches year-round.

Explore our map to:

Find Your Dream Retreat: Browse dream destinations and locate Hotels, Resorts, Luxury Villas, Airbnb and other types of accommodations that are shielded from sargassum.
Plan Hassle-Free Vacations: Choose from a selection of vacation rentals where you can enjoy the beach without the hassles of sargassum seaweed.
Support Sustainable Initiatives: When you book your stay in one of the tourist accommodations on our map, you’re supporting those who are committed to environmental sustainability.
Promote Quality: The hotels and other vacation accommodations on our map are synonymous with quality and cleanliness of the beach, and commitment to an exceptional experience.

When you choose accommodation from our “Sargassum-Free Hotels Map”, you’re doing more than just booking a stay. You’re contributing to the creation of a future where beaches remain preserved, where establishments strive to protect our environment, and where every journey is a memorable adventure.

Get ready for worry-free vacations by exploring our “Sargassum-Free Hotels Map”. Your next paradise getaway awaits you. When you book one of these accommodations, don’t forget to mention that you found it on the Sargassum Monitoring website on the “Sargassum-Free Hotels Map”.

* Except in the case of exceptional arrivals due to rare weather conditions, Mother Nature is the only one to decide.

** Hotels, All-Inclusives, Resorts, whole or partial Villas, Luxury Homes, Apartments, Condos, Motels, Rooms etc. All vacational rental.

Legend of the Sargassum-Free Hotels Map :

Tourist accommodation without Sargassum in a protected or generally unaffected area.
Tourist accommodation having invested in a protection system or installed cleaning system (manual or mechanical) efficient enough to guarantee the comfort of tourists.

WARNING : Maps and data are the property of Sargassum Monitoring®. It is strictly forbidden to copy, download or integrate them under penalty of criminal prosecution.

You want to appear on our Map ?

Don’t have any sargassum? This new Sargassum-Free Hotels Map created by Sargassum Monitoring will help you get the message across !
Whether you own a tourist accommodation, rent out watercraft, run a seaside restaurant, etc., if, due to your geographical location or effective measures you’ve implemented, you’re committed to providing pristine beaches and ensuring traveler satisfaction, don’t miss the opportunity to join our exclusive network !
Contact us today through our contact form to showcase your establishment and contribute to its success. Together, we can offer travelers memorable experiences and promote the beauty of our pristine environments !

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