Sargassum map 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Sargassum Monitoring Map !

The year 2018 witnessed a record influx of sargassum. It was during this year that Sargassum Monitoring created the first map aimed at meticulously documenting the paradisiacal beaches now buried under tons of foul-smelling algae. At that time, information was not widely circulated, and each country believed it was the sole victim of this phenomenon, which turned out to have far more consequences than just a visual nuisance for vacationers. Since 2011, this steadily growing phenomenon has remained beyond our control, and more importantly, it continues to worsen!

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, and memory is not infallible, since 2018, we have been publishing the sargassum arrival map every year with the aim of raising awareness about the reality faced by more than 30 countries in the Caribbean and beyond. Please note that this map goes far beyond merely guiding you in choosing your next vacation destination. It also bears witness to the magnitude of the phenomenon, which mysteriously began in 2011 and is undeniably linked to human pollution.

To address this, it is time to take action !

Faced with this economic, health, and ecological catastrophe, the participation of each and every one of you is of paramount importance. Governments and researchers are calling for more photos to help them find effective solutions. You can assist them.

International commitment is essential. To ensure we can include them on the current map, please share the condition of your beaches now and regularly using Sargassum Monitoring’s social media platforms. Share your photos !

CAUTION : The dates are in the format: Month/Day/Year

WARNING : Maps and data are the property of Sargassum Monitoring®. It is strictly forbidden to copy, download or integrate them under penalty of criminal prosecution.

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