Sargassum map 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Sargassum seaweed Map!

Get ready to discover the reality behind the explosive growth of these naturally occurring algae.
The images and videos you will find here may be shocking, but it is indeed the reality of an uncontrollable situation since 2011.

Please note that this map goes far beyond simply guiding you in choosing your next vacation destination on a paradise beach in the Caribbean.
It represents a genuine invitation to explore, preserve, and understand the recurring and inevitable progression of the invasion of brown algae in over 30 Caribbean countries.
The 2019 Sargassum bloom Map testifies to the magnitude of the phenomenon, undeniably linked to human pollution.

We encourage you to join us in this quest to protect our planet and preserve our precious oceans.

Time is of the essence, and it is high time to take action !

Faced with this economic, health, and ecological catastrophe, everyone’s participation is of paramount importance. In order to assist governments and researchers in swiftly finding effective solutions, it is imperative that our maps are massively updated through the active collaboration of the international citizen science community.

Your commitment is essential, report the state of your beaches using Sargassum Monitoring’s social media platforms, and share your photos !

CAUTION : The dates are in the format: Month/Day/Year

WARNING : Maps and data are the property of Sargassum Monitoring®. It is strictly forbidden to copy, download or integrate them under penalty of criminal prosecution.

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