The best solution to stop Sargassum seaweed

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This solution in 2 Steps :

The Ocean Cleaner is developing the first feasible global project for fighting and recycling the ocean’s Sargassum pollution. The concept approved and recommended by Florida Atlantic University – Brian E. Lapointe.

1/ Stop the Sargassum with special floating barrier :

Our floating barrier is the most efficient for blocking the Sargassum seaweeds and floating debris !

Our barrier are built to be strong and flexible enough to withstand waves and Sargassum !

Specific aspects :

  • it lets through seawater and waves like a strainer
  • floating barrier high enough ( 0,50m/1,6ft ) to not send floating debris and seaweeds above it
  • the barrier goes down to 1.10m (3,5 feet) below the surface of the water
  • UV resistant for a very long life
  • easy to disassemble when it’s the end of Sargassum season, for maintenance, or before big storms
  • allows sea turtles and other marine animals to pass under
  • a mesh small enough to not catch fishes


Okeanis, more than 17 years of experience in floating barriers !


Link to Contact – The Ocean Cleaner – for prices or informations.


2/ Remove the seaweeds with the Sargaboat© Evolution :

  • the only harvesting boat approved and recommended by Florida Atlantic University – Brian Lapointe Ph. D. HARBOR BRANCH
  • specially designed for the sea and resistant to corrosion
  • great harvest width: up to 4.40 m /14.4ft thanks to its foldable arms
  • high capacity harvesting: 17 m³ per trailer.
  • Sargaboat© Evolution, can harvest more than 1000m³ for a work day of 8:00 hours
  • non-stop working thanks to his trailers.
  • It only needs 5 minutes to switch a full trailer by an empty trailer
  • autonomous trailer, equipped with engine allowing to navigate towards the place of unloading.
  • cockpit at the front: excellent visibility
  • good maneuverability: 2 outboard motors ( catamaran )
  • low center of gravity: good stability at sea
  • specially designed to harvest along a floating net, a dock  etc.
Sargaboat harvesting Sargassum seaweed along a floating barrier
Link to Contact – The Ocean Cleaner – for prices or informations.